How Air Conditioning Works

Air-Conditioning can enhance any working environment helping your colleges and employees to keep their cool and get the results you are looking for.

ATMOSPHERES can provide the solution you are looking for from a single office, meeting room, computer room through to a large company headquarters, we will provide a cost effective installation tailored specifically for your requirements.

Every installation is designed to maintain an optimized balance of temperature and fresh air purity.

Cooling Mode

A special liquid called a refrigerant, which is sealed within the system, absorbs excess room heat. As the refrigerant absorbs heat it changes into a gas and passes through small copper tubes to an outdoor unit where the heat is released into the atmosphere. The gas then changes back into a cold liquid, returning to the indoor unit where the air is fanned over it and out into the room. This cycle is automatically repeated to maintain the required room temperature.

Heating mode

Heat pump systems also allow the above cycles to be reversed. A heat pump extracts "free" heat from the outdoor air, even on the coldest days when the temperature may fall as low as -10 degrees Celsius and transfers the heat indoors. Heat pumps units therefore avoid the need for a boiler and allow you to cool and heat the same unit, with savings in costs and energy throughout the year.

Is it expensive to run?

The indoor section of the system contains a small fan and some electronic controls and has a power consumption of that of a light bulb. The compressor which is housed in the condensing unit consumes a greater amount of power but only runs when the room requires heating or cooling. When a unit is sized correctly we would expect equal on and off periods. With this in mind we have built in a 50% diversity factor. The example is based on a 3.5kw split system with a power consumption of 1.2kw.