Atmospheres is authorised to install all major manufacturers equipment. We provide a full installation service from small Domestic/Light Commercial Systems to Major Complex Projects incorporating Multi Unit Systems.

The range of air conditioning units available is extensive providing you with the opportunity to find a unit to suit any environment.

Split Air Conditioning

This is the most familiar form of installed air conditioning. They are called 'split systems' because they comprised of an indoor unit (mounted to a wall, ceiling or floor), which re-circulates the air in the room, either cooling or heating to your requirements.

The indoor unit is linked to an outdoor unit (condenser), by a pair of small diameter copper pipes contained in an insulating jacket. The heat removed from the room is dissipated to the atmosphere by the outdoor condenser.

Multi Split Air Conditioning

This operates in much the same way as the 'split' system. The 'Multi-split' system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor condenser.

  • Up to four units can be operated in cooling only or heat only form.
  • 'Multi-split' systems offer an ideal way to treat a number of areas whilst minimising the space required for outdoor units.

VRF Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are the most modern and sophisticated development of the 'split' systems.

  • Multiple indoor units can be connected to large outdoor modular condensers
  • The outdoor condenser is constructed to respond proportionately to the number of indoor units operating, each being controlled for heating and cooling.
  • Offering the ultimate in flexibility, individual indoor unit temperature can be changed independently, allowing personal choice as indoor and outdoor conditions change.
  • VRF systems offer a year round solution to indoor climate control with unrivaled flexibility and energy efficiency